Good as a Gel Manicure? Revlon ColorStay Long Wear Nail Enamel Review

Revlon ColorStay LongWear Nail Enamel - Marmalade, Wild Raspberry, Fall Mood
Marmalade, Rich Raspberry, Fall Mood

Revlon released this new line of nail polishes in February, and I am in love!  Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel is marketed as an at home, gel-manicure-without-the-UV-lamp deal.  I've never had a gel manicure, but I was attracted to their claims of up to 11 days of chip-free wear (provided you use the ColorStay base and top coats).

Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel is currently available in 32 shades and retails for about $7.99. I adore coral shades in lips, cheeks, and nails, so the first color I picked up was Marmalade, a bright coral-orange. I also bought the ColorStay base and top coats to compare to their 11 day claim.

The applicator brush for the Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamels is thick, which allows you to coat your nail easily in 2-3 strokes.  I applied the base coat and followed with 2 coats of Marmalade.  I could have gotten away with just one though, as the color is nearly opaque with one coat and gives a nice shine.  I applied the top coat and waited for my nails to dry.

And waited. And waited.  The main drawback of these polishes is the long dry time.  Even after your nails seem pretty dry, the tip of the polish can still get pushed back if you bump it against something.  I ended up with a few minor imperfections over the rest of the day.  Nothing too unsightly though.

After the drying period is over, this nail polish will not come off!  It was still in great condition after 7 days, and I got many compliments on the fun, pretty color.  It didn't ever really chip like normal polish, but it accumulated imprints and looked more dull after 11 days.

Taking the polish off was pretty difficult - I felt like it needed quite a bit more remover.  My nails also looked more beat up once they were bare.  This might bother some people, but my nails grow very quickly so I am not too concerned with their health.

Overall, the pros of EXTREMELY long wear time exceed the cons with Revlon ColorStay nail enamel. I usually can only get regular nail polish to look decent for 4 days max, so I am very happy with this new product.  I am wearing Rich Raspberry now, and I am looking forward to trying Fall Mood next.  I will post pictures of my nails soon!

Revlon ColorStay Long Wear Nail Enamel in Marmalade Review and Swatches
Revlon ColorStay Long Wear Nail Enamel in Fall Mood Review and Swatches
Revlon ColorStay Long Wear Nail Enamel in Rich Raspberry Review & Swatches


  1. I have found that using quick dry drops helps the dry time. I have also found that the base/top coats make my Chanel and Essie nail polishes wear like iron as well. I have yet to experiment with other brands.

    Strangely though I've found overall dry time to be longer when I use Colorstay polishes with the base/top as opposed to other brands with the base/top. But so far I have gotten great wear with all of them. I'm overall very pleased with this line.

    They are cheapest at Walmart ($4.97). I think next would be Meijer and Target ($5ish).

    1. Hi Knaz, thank you for your informative comment. I am very pleased with these nail polishes as well. I feel like my nails have grown stronger as a result - have you experienced this?