Caudalie Paris Premier Cru Cream Review

Caudalie Paris' Premier Cru Cream comes with a hefty price tag.  But is it worth $150 for 50 ml of moisturizer?

Caudalie Paris Premier Cru Cream
Caudalie Paris Premier Cru Cream -
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Short answer:  No. I did not see $150 worth of difference in my skin, and nothing on the ingredients list indicates that I should.

Caudalie Paris touts the anti-aging powers of grapes as the basis for its skin care line. Premier Cru Cream contains grape ingredients that ostensibly create an "exclusive combination of the rarest, most precious and most effective natural active ingredients for an extraordinary global anti-aging action. Throughout the day, your skin is regenerated and redensified, wrinkles are filled, the look of your skin is renewed and your complexion is even-toned. Smoother, firmer and more luminous, your skin looks visibly younger."

I know plenty of people who would pay $150 for those changes, but they won't get them from Premier Cru.

Research shows that grapes do have beneficial properties for skin. They contain antioxidants that can renew skin, prevent wrinkles from developing, and reduce sun damage. Antioxidants won't fill wrinkles though, and Premier Cru Cream does not include much else in the way of anti-aging ingredients to make good on its promises to do so.

Instead, the formula is primarily comprised of emollient ingredients such as cetearyl alcohol and caprylic triglyceride.The moisturizer also includes a lot of fragrance, which is unnecessary and can cause skin irritation. Caudalie's Premier Cru does include some effective anti-aging ingredients in the form of peptides, but they are at the bottom of the ingredients list. Peptides in such small amounts are not going to get rid of any wrinkles!

Bottom Line:  The antioxidants in Caudalie's Premier Cru Cream will make your skin look brighter and more even, but you can achieve that with far cheaper skin care products. Peptides, which do combat aging, are not included in sufficient amounts to be effective. 

[UPDATE]  I had previously believed that Caudalie was a cruelty-free company. This page from their website says as much, but the company is no longer listed in the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics' Leaping Bunny directory.  The Leaping Bunny directory is the most comprehensive and standardized list of cruelty-free companies. I contacted Caudalie to inquire about their removal from Leaping Bunny.You can read about the results of my inquiry here.

[UPDATE 2] I have confirmation that Caudalie is no longer cruelty-free.

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