Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in Miss Coquelicot 146B Review and Swatches

Lancome Rouge in Love - Miss Coquelicot 146B
Lancome Rouge in Love in Miss Coquelicot 146B

The makeup world has been buzzing about Lancome's recently released Rouge in Love lipsticks ($25), with beauty editors and bloggers alike praising their bright colors, light texture, and long wear time.  I ordered shade 146B, Miss Coquelicot, to see if the product lived up to the hype.

I really like Miss Coquelicot's bright, pink-coral shade. The formula is quite glossy and the lipstick goes on smooth, moist, and shiny. Just because it is glossy does not mean it is sheer though - Miss Coquelicot is PIGMENTED. Two coats left me with almost highlighter-bright coral lips.

Lancome claims that the Rouge in Love lip colors have a 6 hour wear time, but that was not true for me. Glossy lipsticks just do not last as long as more matte formulas, in my opinion. I was not surprised when some lipstick slid off while I was drinking Diet Coke. But what is unique about Rouge in Love is the stain that it leaves behind. It took forever for me to wash the swatch off of my arm!  And when I ate while wearing Miss Coquelicot, I left the house without reapplying because the stain was enough.

Bottom Line: I am very happy with the vibrant color and pigmentation of Lancome's Rouge in Love in Miss Coquelicot.  It did not last six hours on me, but the strong stain it left behind redeemed the otherwise unremarkable wear time.


  1. Beautiful!! I love this colour!!


    1. Thank you, Emma! I am really happy with the color as well - perfect for summer ;)