Latisse: Before and After Review

I love Latisse!  It works quickly and I have not had any adverse effects beyond some eye irritation from misapplication. I plan to keep using it until my lashes are extra long. 

Before Latisse
Before Latisse
After Latisse
After One Month of Latisse
I should have run a lash comb through that clumpy mascara!

As you can see, my lashes were never much to write home about.  One of my classmates recommended Latisse, saying that it made her lashes so long and thick that she didn't even bother with mascara anymore.

I'll never give up mascara, but the idea of extra long, flirty fringe was so compelling that I was willing to cough up the hundred bucks to give it a shot.

The first night, I applied it with an eyeliner brush right on top of the lash line. This was a mistake, and I woke up with bloodshot eyes the next morning. Turns out you are supposed to apply it a tiny bit above the lash line instead of in between the lashes. I corrected my application technique and have had no problems since.

I noticed a difference in my lash length in about a week. After one month, my lashes have grown substantially. Additionally, you really don't need to get a new bottle every month. I only need one drop to liberally cover both eyes so most of the bottle is still full.  I've even started to run the eyeliner brush over my eyebrows when I'm finished to fill out my brows.

Other Side Effects

A major fear that people have concerning Latisse is that it will turn blue eyes brown. I have not experienced this, and it is highly unlikely that you will. The fear stems from a study that found a very small percentage of glaucoma patients experienced eye discoloration when applying Latisse directly into the center of their eye in high amounts. No other studies have found any instances of eye discoloration. So as long as you don't pour the product into your iris, you will probably be okay.

A much more common side effect is eyelid discoloration. Some people report that their lids turn somewhat purple along the lash line. I have not experienced this side effect either, but it is something to take into account when considering Latisse. If I did experience eyelid discoloration, I believe that I would continue to use Latisse and either cover up the discoloration or hope that it blended with eyeliner.

After Latisse 2
Sorry for the creepy eye pictures!
Bottom Line: I am very satisfied with Latisse. The side effects have been extremely minimal, and the products works effectively. I definitely recommend Latisse if you are interested in prescription lash growth.


  1. Hi

    I have been using Latisse for about 18 months. I did have some minor redness for the first few weeks which went away. My lashes took about 16 weeks to grow. Then I had to cut back to every other day because they were growing too much!

    I love my lashes Price is a big deal for me. Using it every other day has helped. My friends and I have been getting from an online physician for the last 12 months. latisse.bz

    Thanks for listening

    1. I'm glad you've had a good experience with Latisse. I haven't had to cut back yet -- I have a high tolerance for lash length ;) Thanks for sharing!

  2. hi...

    do know if there's any online store that sells latisse and able to ship it to Indonesia? Thanks ^_^

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response. I have ordered generic Latisse (called Careprost in the U.S.) from an online pharmacy called All Day Chemist (www.alldaychemist.com). It's kind of sketchy but I didn't have any trouble with it. I checked and they ship to Indonesia. The prices are VERY low (about $10 for Careprost vs. $100 for a Latisse prescription from a doctor) but shipping costs $25, so it's a good idea to split the order with another person or stock up :) Hope that helps!!

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  4. Your lashes look great! I love Latisse too. I get mine from LatisseDoctor.com, since they have such great online prices and a lot of promotions. Just a tip for anyone else interested! :)

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