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I make it a point to be honest in my reviews, but one of my very first posts contains a lie. 

In my Latisse: Before and After Review, I said that I paid $100 for Latisse, presumably through a doctor. In reality, I took a risk and ordered a generic version from a potentially sketchy website called All Day Chemist. I was scared to say that because I was worried the Internet Police would come get me. I feel guilty about not telling the truth and I hope you can forgive me.

To make up for it, let me tell you about this sketchy website.

All Day Chemist is an Indian generic drugs distributor that ships worldwide. Generic medications have the same active ingredient and composition as the brand name product; the only difference is the manufacturer and the price. Careprost, the generic version of Latisse, costs $10 when purchased from All Day Chemist instead of the usual $100.

The United States FDA allows residents to buy certain prescription products online in small quantities. Some insurance companies will even reimburse clients who opt to purchase medications online from distributors like All Day Chemist. Overall, it seems like you will be pretty square with the law if you order from All Day Chemist provided you have a prescription.

Here's where it gets iffy. The site says that you must email or fax a copy of your prescription in order to buy medication. However, this policy does not seem to be enforced. I never emailed or faxed a prescription and I still received my products.

I am very satisfied with the quality of my order. I love my Careprost/Latisse, and I plan to order more from All Day Chemist when I run out. I will probably order a few bottles because, although the cost of the products is quite low, the shipping fee from India is fairly large ($25).

I was pretty nervous about ordering from All Day Chemist, but it still seemed more appealing to me than going to a dermatologist ($$) and paying $100 for Latisse. Taking that risk will not be attractive for everyone, so I am not at all recommending that you do it.

It's just what I did and it worked for me.


  1. If you have blue eyes that have any dots in them discontinue use as the lines can drag with this product thats why they ask you to see a dr...

    1. Thank you for your interest and concern. I did some research before I began using Latisse, and I learned that the only clinical studies that reported patients experiencing eye discoloration were being treated for glaucoma. Glaucoma is treated with large amounts of Latisse applied directly into the iris, and even then only a very small percentage of patients experienced discoloration. None of the clinical trials of Latisse for eyelash growth have shown any discoloration.

      It seemed to me that the risk was small enough that I was willing to try it :)