MAC Recent Launch Round Up: Hey, Sailor!, Beth Ditto, and Casual Color

MAC Recent Launch Wrap Up: Hey, Sailor!, Beth Ditto, and Casual Color
Left to Right: MAC Hey, Sailor!, MAC Casual Color, MAC Beth Ditto

Over the last month, MAC has launched three new collections: MAC Hey, Sailor!, MAC Beth Ditto, and MAC Casual Color.

Of these three new collections, I think MAC Hey, Sailor! is my favorite, followed at a close second by Casual Color. I loved the nautical pin-up aesthetic of Hey, Sailor! and I enjoyed the diversity of the products in the collection.

The soft, wearable shades of MAC Casual Color are beautiful, and that collection might have been my favorite if it included a larger number of products -- a new eyeshadow or lipglass would have been lovely!

MAC Beth Ditto, on the other hand, didn't do much for me. The shades were too edgy for my taste, and some of the formulas were hard to work with. However, I could see bolder gals loving some of these products.

In reverse-chronological order, here are all seventeen of my reviews of MAC's most recent launches (and I promise no more MAC for at least a little while!):

MAC Casual Colour

MAC Beth Ditto

MAC Hey, Sailor!


  1. This collection is hot. I keep seeing it and want to try it out. I have to agree with you, I think I like Sailor best too!


    1. Hehe. I think you might like the Hey Sailor Fleet Fast blush, it seems like it would look good on your coloring!

  2. Howdy Nicole!!...How do you decide what you're going to review??...Do you purchase ALL of this cause MAC must LOVE YOU...LOL!...Have a Blessed Weekend, Girlie!!

    Visiting from SITS!!