LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer Review and Swatches

LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer Swatch
LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer

I love LORAC's makep, but the brand's new FACE selfTANtalizer ($28) is a no-go for me. 

LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer is a gradual self-tanner for your face. The product includes bronzer to give your face a dose of color while the self-tanning chemical (DHA) takes effect. Unfortunately, the bronzer in LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer was not flattering on me at all. I have very light skin and and the bronzing pigment is pretty strong. The heavy tint made me look overly tanned and somewhat orange. I was relieved that I tested this product at nighttime -- I only had my boyfriend's Snooki jokes to avoid!*

The instructions say to squeeze a dime-sized amount of product into your palms and spread it across your face. This proves harder than it should be, because the formula of LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer doesn't have a lot of slip and is difficult to blend. Even application is essential for an attractive result with self-tanner, so I think the lack of easy blendability is a pretty big problem for LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer. 

The next morning, I washed off any remaining bronzing tint to see how the self-tanner had actually changed my skin. The result quite subtle, but I did notice a small difference of about half a shade. I like being able to deepen my color just a notch day by day, so LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer ultimately does work well for that. However, I am too dissatisfied with the bronzing tint and the texture of the formula to continue using this product.

Do you think self-tanners specifically for your face are necessary? Have you tried LORAC FACE selfTANtalizer or any other facial self-tanners? 

*I do not endorse making fun of Snooki. She seems like a nice girl and my boyfriend should leave her alone!

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