Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure Natural Facial Toner Review

Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure Natural Facial Toner
Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure Natural Facial Toner

The path to beautiful skin is simple: Simple ingredients, Simple formulas, and Simple routines. That's the ethos that guides Gaelle Kennedy, founder of skin care line Gaelle Organic, as she creates pure, natural facial products to give you luminous skin without harming your health.

A former model, Gaelle decided to develop her own skin care products free of all the gimmicks used by the cosmetic industry. Gaelle believes that all of the ingredients we need for beautiful skin are found in nature, not synthetic chemicals. She researches and personally tests botanicals that have been used by cultures around the world for centuries, then creates high-quality skin care formulas out of the most effective natural ingredients.

I tried Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure Natural Facial Toner ($35) and I can say that Gaelle has done a wonderful job combining highly effective, skin-beneficial botanicals into an elegant facial formula. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of each ingredient in Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure:

  1. Rose Water - soothing, pH-balancing ingredient that is an excellent base for a toner. Rose water reduces pore size.
  2. Witch Hazel - natural astringent that tightens pores, smooths skin, and reduces breakouts. Witch hazel is also a potent antioxidant that brightens your complexion. Drugstore witch hazel is often distilled in alcohol, which is extremely harmful for skin, but Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure is alcohol-free.
  3. Green Tea - an absolute powerhouse for skin, green tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that reduces cancer risk and slows skin cell aging.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar - cleanses your pores, fights bacteria, and reduces breakouts.
  5. Calendula - soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial herb. This ingredient softens and brightens skin while staving off wrinkles. 
  6. Cucumber - antioxidant that soothes skin, brightens complexion, and prevents skin discoloration.
  7. Elder Flower - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that tightens pores. Elder flower also has anti-fungal properties that prevent breakouts.
  8. Mint - antioxidant with a high salicylic acid content. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that exfoliates skin without causing irritation. Skin is left bright, healthy, and clear. 

And that's it! No harsh alcohol, extra chemicals or preservatives are ever included in Gaelle's products.

I worked from home a lot in July, and my complexion ended up looking a bit dull and unhealthy. I started using Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure and my dull skin is now gone! My face looked more radiant after just one use. My complexion is clear, bright and smooth thanks to all of the antioxidants and the gentle mint exfoliation. Plus, Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure has cleared up the stubborn breakouts on my back and shoulders that I have been struggling to get rid of for ages.

Gaelle advised me to store my toner in the fridge, and I must say it's a refreshing delight to apply the cool fluid to my skin on hot summer days. Using this toner is a simple ritual that feels good and makes my skin look beautiful.
Gaelle Organic Toner Superieure Natural Facial Toner
Along with Toner Superieure, Gaelle Organic offers a moisturizing cleanser, a gentle exfoliant, and several moisturizers and serums. The products are ideal for dry, sensitive skin.

Gaelle Organic products are currently available online and in select salons and beauty centers in Southern California. I definitely recommend that you check out this independent, natural skin care line!

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product from the company for consideration. My review is based on an honest assessment of the product and content was not pre-approved by PR representatives.

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