Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princess Arcade Review and Swatches

Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princess Arcade Pink Diamond Swatch
Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princess Arcade

Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princes Arcade($9.50) is the girly-est, blingy-est nail polish I've ever worn. My hands basically look like Carrie's cell phone case from Sex and the City, and I am loving the crazy, eye-catching sparkle.

Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princess Arcade is a fuchsia pink glitter fest. It's not fully opaque with one coat, so I bet it would make a great layering polish. I opted to wear two coats in the above photo to achieve full glitter coverage.

Each piece of glitter in Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princess Arcade is carefully cut and faceted for extra sparkle and shine. Coupled with the hot, purple-pink hue, the resulting look is so sugary sweet that I'm getting a toothache. The name "Princess Arcade" is very fitting for this frenetically feminine shade!

I've been wearing Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princess Arcade for four days and experienced one chip. This stuff feels pretty tough so I'm expecting to get at least a full week of good-looking wear.

I'm no sparkle expert, so I'll turn it over to you. What do you think of Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry in Princess Arcade? How does it stack up with other glitter polishes?


  1. WOW this is a FUN polish!!! I love it! I wonder how difficult its going to be to remove, I always have trouble getting glitter polish off my nails.


    1. I am dreading taking it off. Glitter nail polish takes forever to remove!

  2. Stopping by from SITS!! I agree with you about glitter polish- after one bad experience taking it off I stick the plain these days. This looks fun for a girls' night out though!

    1. You are so right -- this is a total girl's night out shade! I think I'm gonna have to use the foil method to remove this polish (wrap cotton balls soaked in remover to my nails using foil).

      Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to check out your blog now :)

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