Revitalash Volumizing Primer Review and Swatches

Revitalash Volumizing Primer
Revitalash Volumizing Primer

No, that's not 80s-tastic blue mascara, it's Revitalash Volumizing Primer!

In addition to their popular lash growth serum, Revitalash also makes color cosmetics. I tried Revitalash Volumizing Primer ($24), which is designed to boost lash length and volume under mascara. I'm always a little skeptical about the effectiveness of lash primers, but this one actually works pretty well.

With Revitalash Volumizing Primer, mascara application is a two step process: 1) swipe on the bright blue primer, and 2) follow with regular mascara. Sometimes I don't cover with mascara thoroughly enough and some blue peeks through, but I figure it's enhancing my eyes, right?

I was worried that my lashes would end up looking stiff or clumpy, but Revitalash Volumizing Primer actually gives them a very soft, lush appearance.

Here's Revitalash Volumizing Primer under my beloved Avon Sonic Boost Vibrating Mascara:

Revitalash Volumizing Primer
Revitalash Volumizing Primer

I adore the full and dramatic yet soft look that Revitalash Volumizing Primer gives my lashes. Unfortunately, this product doesn't help your mascara stay on or last longer. I notice increased flaking and smudging when I use Revitalash Volumizing Primer, which is a big drawback.

As a result, I'm on the fence overall about Revitalash Volumizing Primer. I love the way it makes my lashes look, but the increased smudging and flaking is a pain. I think I will continue experimenting with wearing it under different mascaras to identify the most effective combination.

What do you think about mascara primers? Is it worth the extra effort for lush lashes? 

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product from the company for consideration. My review is based on an honest assessment of the product and was not preapproved by PR or brand representatives.


  1. I totally thought it was blue mascara! Hahaha!! I'm kinda bummed that it didn't help your mascara last longer. And I have sensitive eyes so I can't do anything that flakes. Bummer.