Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment: Before and After Review

Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment
Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment

Many of us fantasize about having longer, fuller lashes. There are many options available that promise to take your lashes to new heights. But with so many choices, what should you choose?

I previously used Latisse and liked it quite a bit, but I ran out about two months ago and decided to try an over the counter lash growth product.  I've now been using Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment ($69.95), which contains lash conditioners, peptides, and biotin, for about 6 weeks. Here's what I think:

  1. Gentle, Non-Irritating Formula:  Unlike Latisse, which has a powerful formula that can irritate your eyes if applied too close to the lashline, Cilea doesn't have any negative side effects. You can apply it right up against your lashes, all over your lids, on your brows or on your lower lash line.
  2. Lash Growth:  My lashes are naturally short, and they got pretty stubby again after I stopped using Latisse. Cilea mitigated some of this effect and my lashes grew somewhat.
  3. Brow Enhancement: My eyebrows are naturally sparse as well. Applying Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment to my brows has made them fuller.
  4. Large Quantity of Product: Cilea contains 7 ml of fluid. Most other over the counter lash products contain half as much. 
  1. Not Enough Lash Growth: My lashes grew a little but definitely not a lot. The increase was much smaller than that of Latisse. I don't necessarily expect Cilea to compete with a prescription product, but I would have liked to see a bigger change.
  2. Expensive: The $69.96 price tag is pretty darn steep for less than staggering results. I would like to see either a cheaper product or higher performance for the price.

Check out my before and after pictures for more evidence:

Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment Before
BEFORE Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment

Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment after
AFTER Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment

As you can see, my lashes got a little bit longer but the difference isn't incredibly noticeable.

Still, I love the gentle formula of Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment, and I welcome any increase in lash length, however small. Cilea has an opaque tube so it's difficult to tell how much is left, but I estimate that I can get at least 1-2 more months of use. I plan to continue using this product to grow and maintain my lashes, but I will probably explore other options after my tube of Cilea runs out.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product from the company for consideration. My review is based on an honest assessment of the product and was not preapproved by PR or brand representatives.


  1. Very cool! Was it still cheaper than Latisse?


    1. Cilea is cheaper than Latisse obtained through a doctor. Latisse is cheaper if you order it off the internet (which is what I did). Latisse provides a lot more lash growth but some people aren't comfortable with potential side effects, so it's pretty much a toss up. I really want to try Rapidlash because it has similar ingredients to Latisse but is over the counter.

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