Mario Badescu Hair Care Review

Chamomile Shampoo Hair Rinsing Conditioner Nucleic Moisturizing Hair Rinse

Did you know that Mario Badescu makes hair care products?

It's true! In addition to the brand's popular and expansive skin care line, Mario Badescu offers shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizing hair products.

I tried out Mario Badescu's Chamomile Shampoo ($8), Hair Rinsing Conditioner ($8), and Nucleic Moisturizing Hair Rinse ($8), and I am quite satisfied with the results. Like their skin care line, Mario Badescu's hair products have simple formulas with relatively short ingredients lists.

Mario Badesu Chamomile Shampoo: This product contains chamomile extract and coconut oil to keep hair looking soft. I prefer to use this shampoo when my hair is looking particularly oily, because it includes several deep-cleaning sulfate ingredients. Mario Badescu Chamomile Shampoo is not appropriate for the sulfate-and silicone-free hair care method, but if (like me!) you still use some silicone hair care products, this shampoo is effective at removing product build-up.

Mario Badescu Hair Rinsing Conditioner: This is a basic, effective conditioner. It includes ingredients like lanolin and castor oil that reduce dryness and leave hair soft. I find this conditioner to be a reliable choice that keeps my hair looking nice without any crazy, unnatural ingredients. Plus, it won't build up on your hair because it is silicone-free.

Mario Badescu Nucleic Moisturizing Hair Rinse:  This spray-on hair moisturizer just might be my favorite of the bunch. It makes hair super smooth, silky, and shiny while also detangling to make combing and styling a breeze. Instead of silicone, this product contains panthenol, which is a fabulous glossifying ingredient that does not build up on your hair. Thus, Mario Badescu Nucleic Moisturizing Hair Rinse is a great choice for people following the sulfate- and silicone-free curly girl method.

All in all, I've fond my foray into Mario Badescu's hair care line to be successful. Just like with their skin care products, the brand offers a nice array of options, and the short ingredients lists make it easy to pick a product that will work for you.

Have you tried Mario Badescu's hair care products? How do they work for you?