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The best facial steamers deeply cleanse the skin to unclog blocked pores and remove impurities from the skin. Used in conjunction with a facial scrub they can be especially beneficial for acne prone skin.

Additionally, a steamer can be a great addition to your home if you suffer from stuffy, dry sinuses.

Many of the steamers we have reviewed can be used to tackle allergies, chronic runny noses, and dry sinuses, not to mention dry skin, blackhead prone skin, chronic acne, and even hyperpigmentation.

If you grew up with the tradition of placing a towel over your head and holding it over a steaming pot, then you’re familiar with the benefits steam has on the skin. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how convenient facial steamers are compared to old fashioned steam methods used in the old days. Plus, you’ll have a far less chance of getting burned by hot water using a steamer because most devices carefully regulate the temperatures. They also usually come equipped with an automatic shut off switch, which turns the device off once the water chamber is empty.

Most models of steamers recommend using only mineral water because it can help to prevent bacteria from getting in the steam while also eliminating chemical buildup that tends to occur when using tap water. A few models even allow you to use essential oils for an aromatherapy session. Essential oils can also help to relieve headaches, promote relaxation and clear out clogged sinuses.

Some of the facial steamers we reviewed are designed for home use, however, we also reviewed reasonably priced spa quality models that can be a great buy if you have the room, expertise, and desire to use them.

Here are 3 picks among the models we tested :

ProductTimer settings attachments cost
Panasonic EHSA31VP Facial Steamer 2No$check other reviews
Icarus Jocasta Professional Facial Steamer with Ozone 1No$$check other reviews
3 in 1 Aromatherapy Facial Steamer 10Yes$$$check other reviews

Panasonic EHSA31VP Spa Quality Facial Steamer Review

This Panasonic facial steamer offers a couple of different steam time options so you can choose the length of your treatment. This is a very basic model, so don’t expect any frills. Instead, what you’ll get is an easy to use, powerful, device that emits an extra-fine mist that’s able to penetrate the skin much deeper than a standard facial steamer. This model is both very efficient and powerful. It’s also gentle enough to be used daily, which is a huge plus for acne sufferers or women with sensitive skin.

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Icarus Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with Ozone Review

The Icarus Jocasta pro quality spa facial steamer is larger than life. It comes with an ozone steam facial option for a deep down cleaning treatment, a highly adjustable arm that allows for efficient use, and easy to use controls for a spa quality treatment in the comfort of your home. This model can easily withstand heavy daily use in a spa or salon setting, but its simple design also makes it a great buy for personal use.

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3 in 1 Aromatherapy Facial Steamer by LCL Beauty Review

The 3 in 1 aromatherapy facial steamer by LCL Beauty is the ultimate beauty system designed for professional use. It features an herbal basket that allows you to use herbs or essential oils during a facial steam session, and it also comes with four electrodes that can be used for deep pore cleaning treatments. This mobile spa allows you to offer clients a wider range of skin treatments and features a streamlined design that allows you to expertly treat your client’s skin quickly and efficiently.

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Now, let’s learn more about the different features you’ll find, how to use a facial steamer, and what you can expect in terms of results.

Facial Steamer Buying Guide

Most women dream of having younger, softer, clearer skin, but unfortunately, not many of us are blessed with naturally flawless skin. Whether you struggle with ongoing blackhead or acne breakouts, fine lines or wrinkles, the best face steamer can totally change your approach to skin care because it can have such a major impact on the appearance and texture of your skin.

Steaming is actually pretty popular in the skincare world these days. Using a face steamer is an affordable home treatment that can make your skin clearer and softer, while naturally refreshing the skin and reducing the signs of aging.

If you’re looking for a gentle affordable skin care treatment you can try at home, using a facial steamer can be a total game changer and one that can save you hundreds of dollars a year that would otherwise be spent on spa treatments and expensive over the counter skin care creams, ointments, and lotions.


Facial steamers are often used to improve the texture and appearance of skin on the face and neck. If you love spa treatments or hitting the sauna to rejuvenate your skin, then you’re probably already familiar with the positive impact steam treatments can have on your skin.

A facial steamer produces steam that’s used to soothe and heal the skin. Water is added to the device, which is then heated up to produce steam. Some models are compatible with essential oils, which, when combined, can have an even greater impact on skin health.

These devices offer a number of health benefits aside from just removing surface dirt. Steam can cleanse the skin, removing deep down dirt, dead skin cells, and grime. It can also improve circulation, and reduce sinus problems. Consistent use can also help to prevent acne breakouts which will result in firmer, clearer, brighter skin.

Ease of Use

These days, it’s easier than ever to purchase a facial steamer online that’s designed for home use. Most models are equipped with the same functionalities, however, there are some steamers that offer customizable features and settings.

Many of these devices are fairly simple and offer a limited number of features. Higher priced models will come equipped with a variety of programs, a timer, or a cool steam option. If you’re searching for a steamer that’s more versatile, you can expect to pay more.

Commonly, it only takes a steamer a few minutes to heat up, but there are some devices that can begin working in just seconds. If you prefer using your steamer in the mornings, but you’re always in a hurry, search for a model that offers a faster steaming process.


If you’re on a tight budget, it’s possible to find a steamer for around a hundred dollars, but if you’re searching for a model you can use regularly, you may want to fork over some more cash for a durable, powerful steamer that comes with all the bells and whistles you could want.

Higher priced models can also come with extra tools such as dermabrasion sponges that can remove dead skin cell buildup or special cleansing pads for the face. Most models will come with a padded silicone funnel that’s designed to fit the shape of the face and a few simple controls. They can also come with different types of attachments for sinus relief or deep facial steams.

Benefits of Using a Facial Steamer

If you commonly suffer from acne breakouts you can definitely benefit from using this type of device. Most whiteheads and blackheads can’t be eliminated with just soap alone, but a steamer can be pretty effective in treating and preventing breakouts. When you expose your skin to steam, it opens the pores up and flushes out deep down pollutants, dirt, and debris. The main cause of breakouts is clogged pores, especially in people with oily or combination skin. People with these skin types can benefit from using a steamer because it can not only unclog the pores, but it can shrink the pores making it difficult for oil and dirt to penetrate as deeply into the skin. Some skincare experts also recommend adding tea tree oil to their steamers to help reduce inflammation and redness while also keeping the skin moisturized.

Combat the Signs of Aging

Many people spend hundreds of dollars a year on expensive salon and spa treatments in order to make their skin feel firmer and look younger. As we age, the skin isn’t able to shed dead skin cells as efficiently or create new skin cells as quickly as it did when we were in our twenties. This can leave the skin looking discolored, patchy, and dull. Regular facial steaming can actually work to stimulate the skin to combat this problem. This helps to improve circulation in the face, encouraging faster skin cell turnover.

The steam also tightens the skin, giving the user a natural lift. In order to incorporate steam treatments into your skin care regimen, the skin should be treated for about ten to fifteen minutes to allow the steam can penetrate the pores deeply. The heat will tighten the skin and draw out the impurities which will also help to even out your skin tone.

Once the treatment is complete, we recommend using an exfoliation tool to remove the released dirt and oils that have been extracted from the pores. Some people even recommend adding lemon or lavender oil to the water because both work as antioxidants that will further soften the skin.

Facial steams are a great choice when you’re looking for an easy, fast way to step up your skincare regimen. There are a number of models available online or at beauty supply stores. Whether you want younger looking skin, or you want to effectively treat acne, these devices can be beneficial and versatile for any skin type.

Steaming the skin regularly will also make the skin more receptive to other types of skin care treatments. Once the pores have opened up and the debris and dirt are removed, the cleansed pores are able to better absorb other products you might use, such as a serum, lotions, or a facial mask.

A steam treatment can also promote relaxation. Steam is known to have a calming effect on the system. If you add herbs or essential oils to the water, you’ll enjoy a healing, soothing aroma therapy session at home.

How to Use a Facial Steamer

In order for the steam to really clean your pores, you need to prepare your skin before using a steam treatment. Your face should be washed using a mild cleanser to remove dirt and makeup from the surface of your skin. After, you must exfoliate the skin using a facial scrub to remove dead skin cell build up. We recommend a scrub that uses round beads, which don’t have the jagged, rough edges that other grains have, making them less likely to injure your skin.

The instructions for how to use a steamer can vary from model to model, so make sure you read the user’s manual carefully. Facial steamers designed for home use feature a chamber located below the cone where you’re supposed to place your face during treatment. Unscrew the cap to the water chamber, filling it up using two cups of water. Once the steamer is full plug it in and switch it on. Some models take longer than others to heat up, so be patient.

Once the steamer is emitting steam, place your face inside the cone and allow it to penetrate your pores. To prevent burning your skin or causing irritation, make sure you keep your face about five inches away from the steam. For your first few treatments, you should only use the steamer for about three minutes before you take a break. This will give your skin a few minutes to recover. If you’re already used to facial steaming you can increase the duration of a treatment depending on how your skin is tolerating the steam.

When your treatment is over, switch off the steamer and use a towel to pat your face dry, gently removing any loose dirt from your pores. For maximum benefits apply a facial mask and leave it on for twenty minutes, or you can skip the mask and go straight to moisturizer.

If you have severe acne, eczema, dermatitis or rosacea, or other types of skin conditions, make sure you speak with your dermatologist before you buy a steamer. Remember to thoroughly wash out your steamer after each use to prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside the chamber.

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