Icarus Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with Ozone Review

The Icarus Jocasta salon spa facial steamer features oxygen iconic vapors for cleansing and sterilization power, a separate ozone switch for a more customizable treatment and a must-have safety feature that switches the device off once a low level of water has been detected in the water chamber. This is a machine that has it all. This model was designed with durability in mind and can easily withstand heavy use, which makes it perfect for professional or home use.

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Icarus Jocasta Facial Steamer Assessment and Features

This is a spa quality facial steamer that’s reasonably priced. In fact, many consumers purchase this model for home use because it’s built tough, features a twistable arm that allows you to angle the device perfectly, and offers spa quality results.

This device has all of the bells and whistles you’re looking for in a facial steamer, and then some.

Keep in mind that because it’s marketed as a spa quality model, you can expect it to take up quite a bit of space in the home. The larger design also makes it impossible to transport. So if you’re looking for a compact steamer that’s travel-friendly, this definitely isn’t the one.

Minor assembly is required, however, the well-written, detailed instructions are easy to follow. Many users reported it took about fifteen minutes to put the steamer together.

This steamer goes above and beyond how you’d expect a traditional facial steamer to perform. This model works to sterilize the skin, providing a cleansing treatment that’s designed to penetrate the pores deeper. So, what are the benefits of a facial steamer that can deep clean the pores?

If you have problems with acne or blackheads, but you’ve been following your doctor’s instructions and washing your face two to three times a day, using prescribed medications correctly and refraining from wearing makeup in the hopes of shrinking your pores and preventing breakouts, you may still have trouble getting the type of results you want for younger, healthier looking skin. This model is able to remove deep down dirt, which is the key to shrinking pores and preventing new blackheads from forming. Medications and facial washes may remove surface dirt, which can get rid of blackheads for a few days or a week, but they can’t remove the deep down dirt that’s keeping the pores open and allowing new dirt to move in to form new blackheads.

This machine also offers treatments that are much safer and gentler on the skin than prescription strength creams that tend to dry and inflame the skin, causing further irritation.

Salon Quality Facial Steamer by Icarus Pros and Cons

Pros: Regular treatments with this facial steamer will promote circulation. You’ll notice gradual improvements not only in the texture of the skin but in your skin tone as well. Your skin tone will finally be even, which can take years off your face.

The automatic shut off function will alert you to low water levels, switching off the device until the water chamber has been refilled. This is a great feature if you’re guilty of forgetting to switch off appliances, or if you fail to refill the water chamber before each use. It will also prevent the steamer from burning out.

The ozone function is set up separately, so you can turn it on only when you have time for a longer, enhanced facial steaming experience. The ozone and oxygen ionic vapor feature work by creating steam that contains oxygen ionic vapor. This vapor is very efficient for deep clean treatments and also works to sterilize the skin, killing acne causing bacteria.

The adjustable arm allows you to customize your facial steam experience based on your height and the type of treatment you’re looking for. Some consumers reported using this machine to also treat their sinus problems and dry scalp issues. The machine’s adjustability simply makes this steamer more comfortable and easier to use. You can move the arm around your face without having to worry about rotating the machine itself, which is what you’d have to do with lower priced fixed models. The height can be adjusted from thirty-two inches up to forty-one inches. The steamer’s arm measures in at sixteen inches, with the machine’s overall height coming in at forty-seven inches.

The water chamber can hold just a little over one and a half liters of water.

This steamer is made from high-density materials which make it perfect for heavy regular use. It’s also easy to maintain and use, so you won’t need to have prior experience using a spa quality machine to operate this model.

Cons: As we have mentioned, this is a large machine. If you’re already short on space in the home keep in mind that this model can be difficult to store. Additionally, it doesn’t come with timed steam sessions, which can be a big drawback for beginners. Keep in mind, standard facial steam treatments typically run for just ten to fifteen minutes. This model operates with just one thirty minute steam session. The manufacturer recommends using the device once daily for ten minutes. Beginners who are not used to steam facials should begin using this machine once daily for three to five minutes.

If you’re looking for multi-function facial steamer with timed steam sessions we recommend the 3 in 1 Aromatherapy Facial Steamer by LCL Beauty.

Jocasta Facial Steamer Conclusion and Rating

The Icarus Jocasta professional facial steamer can totally change how you take care of your skin. It can also provide results in as little as one week. If you want the luxury of spa quality steam treatments in the comfort of your home, for the price, this model is a steal. Easy to use and operate, and for some, a challenge to store, this simple setup and controls make this spa quality machine easy to use.

Consumers who purchased this steamer gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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